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English Native Speaker: Why We Do Not Have One?

Several Department of English students in Universitas Padjadjaran are questioning about the existence of English native speaker in our faculty. The students are wishing to have the native speaker as lecturer in their department. For that case, after we had discussed about it, we finally decided to question one of the Department of English lecturers who more understand about that thing this afternoon and Sandya Maulana, one of our lecturers, is the one that we asked to. We had short conversation in front of C building to solve the unsolved problem. Then, finally, we got the answer clearly enough and understood the matters why we do not have any English native speaker in our department while other departments have it.

According to the statement of Sandya Maulana, we conclude that the first matter is there is no any English native speaker who qualifies the qualification to be a lecturer in our university, especially in our faculty. What is the qualification? Well, the most important qualification is the native speaker must be an Academician of Department of English, minimal bachelor degree. Then, we questioned, “how about the native speaker who teaches regularly in some courses?” and Sandya Maulana answered, “one day, there was an English native speaker who applied for a job, but he did not qualify due to his education as an Academician of Economy. In addition, those native speaker teachers are not necessarily one of the academicians.” More to the point, our department needs an English native speaker who is an Academician of Department of English as well.

Secondly, there is no any English native speaker who is domiciled permanently in Indonesia. Well, it means for being a lecturer in Universitas Padjadjaran, fortunately the native speaker must live here and legally has a responsibility to always coming to classes. This fact is quite difficult, because many native speakers who qualify rarely live here for a long time. Sandya Maulana also added, “well, honestly, I have a friend who is native speaker and an Academician of Department of English.  I think he is the most qualify person, but the problem is he can only live for one semester around Feb – Sept every year in Indonesia due to his teaching in Beijing, China. Moreover, if we want him to be the native speaker, we must make him to apply for a job to our faculty. It is not easy, though. ”

Hereinafter, why other departments, such as Department of Deutsche, French and Russian have their own native speaker? The answer is those departments are few in number, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, they easily have their own native speaker. So, how about we ask the British Council to send us one native speaker? It is more difficult, because if the British Council sends one native speaker to Department of English in Universitas Padjadjaran, it means that the council has to send more native speakers to the same department in other national universities all over Indonesia while the fact tells that the council only has a few human resources of English native speaker. It will not enough.

Thus, the matters that our department is facing now and the question had answered. However, most of the students still want to have an English native speaker to help their speaking while the fact indicates that it is quite hard to be accomplished. Also, our department is definitely looking for some applicants who are English native speaker.

Written by: Noviana Safitri (@lipupil), Gemasi’s Coordinator of Education Affair


One comment on “English Native Speaker: Why We Do Not Have One?

  1. kutukamus
    March 30, 2014

    [This comment might be quite late but I write it anyway, just in case it could be of any use:) ]

    Hi Noviana!
    If I have it right, it seems that for some reason, [the people of] your department content themselves with looking for applicants. They are not actively searching for one themselves, but waiting for people to apply instead. And if you are waiting for someone (or some people) who waits and things are going the way they have been going, then your waiting could be ‘forever’. Chance is, you and your friends will already be gone long before some real applicant shows up (or actually joins there). It looks like (whatever the reason is) having a native speaker of English is not one of their (your department’s) top priorities.

    Now the question is: “What are you guys going to do about it?”

    I think that’s the situation you guys have around there (you are free to define your problem quite differently if you do have something else in mind, of course). But frankly I’m not sure how to comment on this (however I might have empathized) since actually I don’t really get what you mean. Yes, it’s posted in the ‘Ekspresi’ category, but what I’m still not sure about is the nature of ‘the title’ (hence, your writing):

    “English Native Speaker: Why We Do Not Have One?”

    I wonder:
    “Are you making a statement [explaining to your fellow-students why that is so]?” or
    “Are you asking a question [inviting discussion in the hope of finding a solution]?”.

    I believe either one of these would have made your point much clearer:
    – English Native Speaker: Why We Do Not Have One. (statement)
    – English Native Speaker: Why Don’t We Have One? (question)
    – English Native Speaker: Why Do We Not Have One? (question, more formal)

    Anyway, if the first is the case (that it is a statement) then the decision is made, the matter is settled—case closed. And I shouldn’t have wasted anybody’s time with this comment. :mrgreen:

    But if it is actually a question, then I won’t mind sharing a thing or two, if that helps. Don’t hesitate to let me know.

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