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Singapore Primary School students visitation

They came just a couple hours, but it was so fun, really. Saturday, June 4th 2011, two primary schools from Singapore visited our English Department. They were Pei Tong Primary School and Fairfield Methodist Primary School. Everything had been prepared for their welcoming session. Started by the introduction from our department’s chief, Mrs. Erlina, then followed by the introduction from our other lecturers, finished with their performances based on the works that we had prepared. Obviously, they were so excited from the beginning to the last session.

There were more or less 37 kids, six teachers, and two student’s parents came by a bus. After the introduction from both side session, then they were grouped into seven groups which contained of five to six children. Almost more than five literature works were served by English Department’s team for their reading material. Those works are Seuss’ The Snetches, Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, Sciezka’s The Stinky Cheese Man, Brooks’ We Real Cool, etc. Those seven groups were guided by a literature lecturer and two students in a little group discussion.

After they had heard about the works, then they were asked to make a creative interpretation based on those. This was the funniest moment. They made a lot of surprising for us. They made really creative and communicative outcomes based on the works, such as drawing a character based on their imagination in The Sneetches, a short movie based on Where the Wild Things Are story, and
many more. They looked so excited, especially in the presentation moment for their works. Time passed, they couldn’t stay longer in that day, yah just a couple hours. They said they wanted to visit the museum in Bandung. After taking some pictures with us, they went out from our campuss. It was an unforgettable moment for the students, those primary schools and English Department exactly.

Introduction Session


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